Time to say goodbye

I am sad to have to say this, but it is time to say goodbye to everybody and close my service. All free users will not be able to use the service starting on 31 October 2014, while those who donated will still be able to continue using it until 31 December 2014.

The reasons behind this decision are that I am unable to keep up with the users and with limits that are imposed on me. I scrap update information from Google Play website, which limits scraping their data, causing apps to update very slowly. In addition my hosting service also limits the background processes, and scraping is consuming a lot of my resources. So, seeing that everybody wants me to stop/slow scrapping data in the background, I came to this final decision.

I hoped to be able to maintain this longer, but unfortunately it is not possible anymore.

Thanks for everybody, hope to see you around the internet…

Follow up: To takeout your data, follow the information in this blog post.


  1. Sam

    Sad to see you go mate! I loved your service. It was/is undeniably useful. Thanks for the good times!


  2. Sava D.

    that was great while it lasted. thank you so much for a very useful service ! all the best and good luck in your future projects :)


  3. Dan

    That’s a real shame. This service has been phenomenally useful. I take it switching to a pay-for model isnt an option?


  4. nascent

    Absolute tragedy. Loved this service, was very much needed. Google Play wishlist doesn’t have a rss feed for updates and there’s no better way to monitor price changes for apps.

    Many thanks for your hard work, if you could consider open sourcing your code so others with more bandwidth may attempt such a service it’d be great.


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